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  1. Why We Love The Bounty

    Why We Love The Bounty
    First introduced in the Fall of 2015, the Bounty 9-pod garden has quickly become a favorite among AeroGardeners. Even in the AeroGarden Lab, the Bounty is everywhere, being used for germination tests, growing new and exciting seed varieties and nurturing beautiful plants for photo and video shoots throughout the year.  After bringing the Extra and Ultra to market in 2012...
  2. AeroGarden Harvest Can Grow Anything

    AeroGarden Harvest Can Grow Anything
  3. How much energy does the AeroGarden use?

    How much energy does the AeroGarden use?
    Let's get real - these days, it's important to have an understanding of how much energy you use.  It's the responsible thing to do! We take pride in the low amounts of energy that AeroGardens use.  Read on, we did the math for you! To calculate how much energy an AeroGarden uses, we use the following formula: -- The number...
  4. AeroGarden 7 LED: My “Replace Lights” indicator is blinking. Do I need to replace the LED lights?

    No, you do not to replace the lights yet. This notification is for models with 2 CFL bulbs in the hood. If you have the LED light hood, you do not need to replace your LED lights until individual diodes begin to fail. Diodes have a 2 - 4 year lifespan. Just press and release the Reset button to turn...

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