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Mixed Romaine Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod)


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Quick Overview:

Fresh, crispy romaine lettuce right at your fingertips! (more...)


Fresh, crispy romaine lettuce right at your fingertips!

A blend of red and green romaine lettuce varieties that are easy and fun to grow. The Mixed Romaine Seed Pod Kit germinates in just days and grows back quickly for up to 3 months – now you can grow and enjoy delicious, fresh lettuce all year round. Cut what you need for a salad or a snack and watch it grow back! Kit works in all AeroGardens.

Planting with Seed Pods is fun and easy! Just insert the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add water and the patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks, and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer. Indoor gardening can’t get any tastier or simpler!


Overview and Benefits:

  • We only select seeds that are tested for maximum growth, flavor, color, and yield 
  • Non-GMO. No herbicides. No pesticides. 
  • 100-Percent Germination Guarantee - if a pod doesn't germinate, we'll replace it for free 
  • Our pre-seeded pods are made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year round 


Seed Pod Kit includes:

  • The Mixed Romaine 7-Pod Seed Kit includes 7 pre-seeded pods featuring red and green romaine lettuces
  • Our patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients (plant food)
  • Grow Domes for optimal germination
  • Growing Guide insert with step by step instructions


Every seed variety we offer is specially selected after lengthy trials and are proven to offer the highest quality yields, the best flavor, and the maximum color and beauty for your indoor garden. In fact, our tests showed that lettuce grown fresh in the AeroGarden averaged almost 300% more vitamin C than store bought lettuce sold at conventional and organic sources.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Rene
This seed kit will have you eating lettuce from your garden in four weeks. Every single pod sprouted within 5 days, and the lettuce just keeps on growing! Lettuce prefers cool temps, so avoid warm rooms or rooms without air conditioning, because the plants may "bolt." This is when they begin growing flowers and seeds, then they get bitter and not really edible anymore. GOOD LUCK! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Jo the plant freak
I'm able to get nice big salads every other week or so. Order the next salad greens kit just as the current one is finishing so I'm never without the greens I love so much. Sure beats buying bunny bags from the grocery store. We know what's in and on these veggies. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Maria
I can get a small meal out of this every couple of days. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Hockeyman
This was my first aerogarden 7 crop. It grew quick and tasted great! The only problem I had was that the romaine bolted and went bad in a little over 2 months. It also started growing vines of romaine all over. I think this kit might have just been a bad one. The reason I gave it 4 stars Is due to the great taste and quality. However one harvest is only enough for one, maybe 2 people. Over all this is a good kit even tho it went bad earlier than expected. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Wixster
Harvesting within 2 weeks, using fresh, tender young greens to "supplement" what we buy at the store. Hope in a few more weeks to have enough for salads for two every few days. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Dawn the salad eater
It's so good to have this product at hand, ready for the harvesting at any time. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Tonto
I prefer the growth pattern of the mixed variety because romaine grows tall and falls over and is not as prolific. I do enjoy the texture and great taste, so it's still worth growing. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Emily the Vegetarian
This is my second time growing a crop of romaine lettuce with my Aerogarden, and it is just as awesome as before! :) Great tasting, easy to grow, and inexpensive (all things considered)! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Holistic, healthy and wholesome!
Love all of the AeroGrow seeds pods I have purchased. Wow, it's wonderful to have home grown herbs right in my kitchen throughout the year! Now growing tea also...Cannot beat it! Customer service has been top rate...[...] (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Plant lover
I have twice now tried to grow the romaine seed pods. The first time, they grew but bolted immediately so they tasted horrible. The second time, it took 10 days to germinate (not the 3 days) and the pods started molding. When they finally sprouted, they bolted again. The other lettuces I've tried have been great, just problems with the romaine. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by moxsa
with growing the mixed romaine kits. Has this happened to anyone else? I LOVE my Aerogarden (actually, I just got a second!), however, the 2 times I tried the romaine I got poor germination (1/6 and 2/6), and some pods molded. No problems growing gourmet herb or salad greens kits in same garden (6 pod elite+). (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Sushicat777
This is my absolute favorite! Quality is great - Never had a plant not to come up. Strong vibrant colors - Fresh Taste! Super A+++ (Posted over a month ago)
Review by dironics
Not even 4 weeks old and we have had a couple of salads which taste great. Add some bacon, tomatoes or cooked eggs and dressing and it feels like spring. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by LouMarG
We have 3 aero gardens. Each has 7 things growing. We enjoy all of the products but Lemon Basil is our new best friend. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Barbara
Planted pods Jan. 26 and by Valentine's day had fresh romaine to harvest; it just keeps coming-enough for daily salad for the two of us. No dirt or insects so it goes straight from the Aerogarden to the salad bowl. So fresh, crisp and tender. The last crop I planted last almost 4 months. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Barbara
Reside in the Northeast so this is a great way to have fresh romaine during the off outdoor gardening season. Love it so much I bought another 7-pod Aerogarden to start another crop of romaine so the harvest is continual. So, since January of 2008, I have planted 6 crops of Romaine. And because we want herbs too, had to buy a third Aerogarden! I've found keeping the crop pruned is key to promote continual growth. Just have to be careful harvesting - growth is so plentiful it's sometimes tricky to cut the more mature leaves without disturbing the younger growth. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by trish the dish
We use the lettuce in sandwiches. it tastes great and the color is lovely. i wish we could have enough to make it into a salad. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Honey Bee
I love having a garden in the winter. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by katrice
This kit was a great purchase, as I love Caesar salad. the greens grew super fast, and were tender, yet crisp. I wish I had it growing in multiple units, as I could have eaten a salad every day from it. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Bill
Seed kit was used in a classic 7-pod garden. Seeds sprouted very fast and are growing well. Looking foward to first harvest. If you want quick results and fast growing plants you will enjoy this seed kit. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Tracy
The harvest came quickly and was plentiful. I was eating a salad every other day for a few months. After a few months my pro100 was at it's tallest setting and the romaine lettuce was all the way up by the light bulbs. It was gettting burnt, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was a little disappointed to have my lettuce end sooner than I expected. One of the pods had very minimal growth, but the others grew very well. The lettuce was attacked by bugs... I think that aerogarden needs to make a bug net for the unit so that bugs can't get in. The bugs are starting to move into my herb garden now too, and they have only been planted for a week. It is just a pain to keep rinsing them off. The lettuce tasted great, but I will be purchasing a shorter variety of lettuce next time. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Camp guy Ryan
It's wonderful to have a fresh Romaine salad any time we want. We were harvesting within a month and have been harvesting for 4 months now with no signs of slowing down. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Sunshine
I liked this kit better than the salad greens kit. I think because I prefer Romaine. It germinated very quickly and in less than a month we were harvesting. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by DFD
The taste of really fresh leafy greens cannot be beat. That is what we have with our Aerogarden every winter. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Judybug
Just after 2 weeks I was eating these leaves on my sandwiches and be sure to eat them every day when it get going good. I gave lettuce away when I had the salad greens but I don't know if this grows that bushy (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Ricegravy
I love it. Everyone should start with the Romaine kit because it is so easy and fast to grow. I had germination in 3 days, Salad in 3 weeks. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Stitchladie
This is my second "garden" and I'm pleased at the results. The first salad selection lasted from May to November! Finally bolted and got bitter--after 6 months! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Nikki
This is a great seed kit. The lettuce tastes great and grows very fast! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by dog & cat lover
Much better results in terms of quantity than my previous efforts at growing mixed herbs. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Salad Lover
Lettace, dried cranberries, walnuts, balsamic dressing, ground black pepper - yum! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Tennessee Tornado
I just picked about half of the lettuce yesterday and used it in a salad with fresh tomatoes and onioins. It is Delicious, I will definitely be growing more of this as well as some other varieties. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Aunt Soozie
This product is excellent for use every day. The lettuce is perfect with so many meals. I recommend this product. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by bellestar
I really like the romaine better than the other salad greens. The plants grow hardy and are resistant to wilting, they're nice and crunchy- probably the closest to the field you can get. They do require constant attention but for a salad lover like me I'm more than happy to give it. Will definitely buy again. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Mario
Romaine lettuce grew very fast, was delicious and I was excited to begin harvesting so soon. However, the plants bolted within a month. The salad green kit I received with my aerogarden produced more lettuce for a longer period of time. Not sure what happened this time. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by nitengale sketches
The grow lite is healthy lighting and growing plants give off oxygen we need. Besides the calmness of water gives this tasteful design a piece of living art as our food source. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Rick
This product is great. As with all plants some seeds do not germinate. I had two pods that failed. Others have done great! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Madison
The romaine seed kit is the best Aerogarden kit we have had yet. The plants seem to grow much faster than those in the salad greens kit, and they even make your kitchen look pretty. I would recommend this kit to anyone, especially those who are new to the Aerogarden, because you will definitely have success with it. :) (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Nancy C
These little guys germinated in 2 days and started growing with a will. It's great to have good salad greens without having to waste money discarding wilted, store bought stuff. It's also nice to pick exactly the amount you need. Since around here the best growing weather for lettuce is brief, this indoor method is a luxury. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by NJM in Texas
The freshest lettuce in town. This is my second "crop" and we love harvesting our salad preparations. We have 15 -20 meals from one crop. In addition, the rabbits do not get my lettuce before I can cut it.... (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Steelboy
This is the second "batch" of plants that I've grown in the Aero Garden. Two weeks after planting and I can't believe how quick they are growing. I can't wait to have a truly fresh salad. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Koi Girl
Great yeild. Grew strong for at least 3 months. Finished this kit at about 3 1/2 months the plants just got too big to keep under control. This was my 1st seed kit and it definatly exceeded my expectations. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Scott
Have had my Aerogarden for over a year and started with Herbs then Tomatoes and now with Romaine Lettuce! The seeds just take off! The Lettuce is doing great and I can't wait for our first home grown salad! The only thing is I need to get one or two more Aerogardens and I can grow my entire salad at once! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by PJ
i have enough romaine to have a dinner salad daily and you cant beat the taste or clean green color. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Mom of 3
Absolutely wonderful salads whenever you want one. Able to harvest at 3.5 weeks as advertised. Unfortunately our house is a bit to warm as it started bolting within a couple months (We keep it around 75 in the summer). I am hoping it will last longer in the winter when we keep our house much cooler. I had to prohibit my son from grabbing a taste every time he went by or we would never have enough for dinner. It's wonderful how excited it got him about eating salads though. I just wish it worked as well for my girls... So much fun for them to watch, and if you have ever tried to grow anything from seed before, you will realize how neat and FAST this is. Amazing. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by angelhare
Wonderful addition to store bought bags of lettuce. I have never gotten a full salad from my harvest because we eat the greens as we walk by the garden. A delicious, tender, munch. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Surfgal Marcia
What's great about the Romaine is you can clip off what you need as you use it or you can prune a lot and it keeps in a ziplock bag in the fridge. I bought the deluxe upgrade kit so my plants can grow taller but I only get about two months of harvest because our AC temp is set at 79 degrees for most of the year. The plants do better in the winter when the tempatures are cooler and the Romaine did the best among the salad greens. I like the fact that I don't wait for blooms and then wait for fruits to mature. The Romaine is ready to consume in about 3 1/2 weeks. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lettuce Lover
These greens (as with other varieties) are best served cold and crisp. For the best culinary experience, harvest them a few hours before use (or even the day before) and put in fridge to cool down before serving. They are a bit limp if consumed "just picked". (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Dea
I have 2 aerogardens going. One with Romaine and one with Salad greens. The two combine very nicely and give enough lettuce that my family is able to have a salad every night with dinner. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by csr2396
Great product. The seeds began to grow the day after I planted them. I was able to begin harvesting on schedule about three weeks later and continued for four months! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Eric
I enjoy the fact I've got fresh lettuce for lunch every day. Maintenance was child's play for someone with a purple thumb. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Nana
The product grows fast and it is great in salads or with different ingredients rolled up inside and dipped. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Billie
You gotta love it! When I first heard about aerogrow products, I was skeptical at best. But my first experience was wonderful, and I have no regrets. If you have any doubt about the productivity of this product, you're in for a surprise. I adore salads, and my husband and I eat them regularly, at least every other day. This product more than keeps up with the demand, and the flavor is exceptional. It's clean, healthy, bug-free, and so easy to maintain. Even a child could handle this garden. Great for working moms, grandmothers incapable of going outside, or even students. It's also available year round, not just seasonal. If you don't try this, you won't know what you're missing! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Vickis
I got this on a whim -- and I love it! We eat LOTS of salad, and this tastes great! I mix it with the salad greens, and add stuff out of my regular garden. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Roger
This seed kit came right out of the box and ready to use. I planted them about 3 weeks ago and I'm already enjoying the harvest. This is a great buy and a great tasting organic suppliment to my kitchen and salads! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Vickie
It has been about a month- I have followed all the instructions and so far, have yet to have enough that I would try to eat any of it. In the beginning it was so cool- you could actually see it growing from morning to night time...4 weeks into it, it just seems that it has almost quit growing. Don't quite know why! At the very least, it has been fun to grow indoors what is now too hot to grow outside in the Houston heat! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Brian
Always have fresh Romaine on hand. (Posted over a month ago)

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