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Replacement pump comes with complete step-by-step instructions to replace the pump in your AeroGarden.



Oxygenates and distributes nutrient solution for fast, healthy plant growth. Designed for ease of replacement and takes just minutes to install. Check the connector and/or model number on your current pump to be sure this is the right pump for your AeroGarden. This pump will work with: AeroGarden 7 (purchased prior to December 2012), EXTRA (prior to May 2013, not EXTRA with Miracle-Gro logo on hood), Deluxe, Pro100, Pro200. Uses pump filter 9116-00Z. Replacement pump comes with complete step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: If your AeroGarden operates with an aerator/bubbler, you will not need a pump. Airstone/hose replacements are available here.

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