Move Your Garden
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The AeroGarden makes it easy to start plants indoors with near-perfect light,
water and nutrients, letting you get a big jump on the outdoor gardening season.

There are three easy ways to start seeds indoors for your outdoor garden, patio
planters or containers.

1.) The Garden Starter System lets you start up to 66 seedlings for transplant outdoors. It’s perfect for outdoor gardens or patio containers and gives you a real head start on the gardening season. See video below that follows seeds started in a Garden Starter System from planting indoors, to harvest in the outdoor garden. See special offer on the Garden Starter System.

2.) The Grow Anything Kit lets you start up to 7 plants in the AeroGarden, with plenty of room to grow. This is perfect for larger “summer” crops like peppers, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. The Easy Transplant baskets make it simple to free up the roots for fast transplant into the garden, containers or “upside down” gardens.

3.) Standard Seed Kits – Any of our standard kits can be transplanted outdoors into containers or soil. Herb kits are easy to transplant into containers for a summer herb garden on the patio. And the tomatoes in our Cherry Tomato Kit are the perfect size for creating beautiful, compact cherry tomato bushes in containers close to your kitchen door.

Perfect for Transplanting into “Upside Down” Gardens

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