Miracle-Gro AeroGarden LED Grow Light Panel (45 Watts)
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Miracle-Gro AeroGarden LED Grow Light Panel (45 Watts)

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Quick Overview:

Nurture your plants with light from the best angle. This versatile grow light can be hung from above or tilted on its stand - it rotates 360 degrees! (more...)

Nurture your plants with light from the best angle. This versatile grow light can be hung from above or tilted on its stand - it rotates 360 degrees! Both a stand and a hanging kit are included.

The panel may be used for all stages of plant growth - from seed starting to flowering to harvest. The stand is perfectly sized for holding a seed starting tray. As your plants grow, the stand's legs easily adjust to raise the light up.

This grow light has no harsh purple glare - it's great for plants, easy on your eyes. Concentrating daylight white LEDs spur fast growth, blue LEDs generate bigger yields and red LEDs trigger more flowers. This grow light is compatible with all grow mediums, including soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics.

With an up to 30,000 hour rating, this 45 watt LED light saves hundreds of dollars in energy and grow light replacement costs over its lifespan.

Seed Tray Not Included.

Product Specifications
Power: 45 Watt
Weight: Light = 2.6 lbs & Stand =1.2 lbs
Adjustable Stand Legs Height: 10.43” to 16.3”
Grow Area: 10”D x 21.5” W
Swivel: 360 Degrees
Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
Adapter input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Light Panel Input: 24VDC 1.8A
Model: AG4502

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Customer Reviews

Review by Keith
I Purchased this based on the LED Panel that is on my Bounty. I am very happy with the 45 Watt LED Panel, but the legs are "Weak", and it Wobbles. My solution was to remove the Legs, and hang the Light on a 24" Grow Frame I purchased on Amazon. I suggest maybe AeroGarden give the purchaser the option to go with the Plastic Legs, or a 24" Frame where you can hang it. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Jim
I needed a light for my carnivorous plants and this one fits the bill nicely. Easy to assemble and the adjustable height is a big plus. I picked up an inexpensive 24 hour digital timer to control it. Those looking for a sturdy tray to fit under it check out the "Mondi Black and White Premium Propagation Tray, 10 x 20" available on Amazon.
(Posted over a month ago)
Review by Hydrogrower
Purchased this light because of its powerful 45 watt LED feature. Makes a significant difference in the performance of your hydroponic system. You will get better results.
The light can also be used to grow seedlings with a traditional heated starting tray available at your local garden center. Uses very little energy. It is designed to last for 50,000 hours. Great product. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by m
After looking online for a year, I knew that this light panel was the one I wanted because it...

--is RECTANGULAR (not circular or square) and fits above a 1020 tray

--has 2 options for suspending it, the EXPANDABLE STAND or HANGING on WIRE

--has red and blue LEDs in addition to white ones

--has a light that can be ROTATED on its stand

I planned to use these (I have four) when I bring microgreens inside in the fall, and already found a new use for them. When heavy summer rains threaten to compress the potting soil, I bring trays inside and put them under my four LED panels.

I like the simplicity of design (very attractive), which is one reason I prefer it to Aerogarden models which include tray, watering system, etc…. They look attractive in my kitchen.

I look forward to seeing updated models of this light panel with an improved PAR rating (currently 300-400), and also more technical specifications listed for this product.

For those of us who are new to indoor gardening, it would be helpful to list online sources for buying supplies (1020 trays…) to accompany this product. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by AnarchoPlant
I like this. I have quite a few other 45w panel type lights and like them fine too. This one is different because of the feet. It makes the light a lot more useful. I do find the feet a bit plasticky...meaning they aren't very rigid. The feet move around if the light is bumped and it will sway back and forth a bit. It isn't super stable but assuming it sits on a table or whatever, it should be bumped in to much. I just wish the feet/stand had a stronger feel to it...the light of course is as excellent as you'd expect... (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Alberto
I have purchased the grow light 45 watts panel, however, I would like to see if I can get a seeds tray as the one in the picture.
(Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We do not offer the plant starter trays, but they can be found in any nursery or lawn and garden shop. Thanks so much for your support of our products, and enjoy your LED light panel! Call customer service at 800-476-9669 (M-F 8am - 5pm MT) if you need assistance.
Review by AGlove
This is exactly what I have been waiting for prepare early for the short growing season where I live. I love it with one exception ... I think the unit should come with a timer so that I could set on-off times as with other garden systems. Alternatively, an on-off switch so that I do not have to unplug the unit when I want the lights out. For this purchase I will use an outlet timer, but wont buy another unit until it includes this desirable feature. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thanks for your purchase and your feedback. Having a timer or on/off switch makes good sense with this product and we'll look at possible additions in future versions. Thanks again and Happy Growing!

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