Thank You Letter From AeroGrow's President & Thank You
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Dear AeroGardeners,

Back in December, I wrote to thank you for your support during the holiday season. I also wanted to let you know that our service and inventory levels were holding up well while sales remained strong. I’m pleased to tell you that we have been able to sustain high service levels and strong sales through the first three months of the new year. As you can tell from the new products in our March catalog, we also remain committed to continually improving our product line.

Today, I want to mark a major milestone in our company’s history and express our sincere appreciation to you for helping us to achieve it. We have now surpassed 1,000,000 gardens sold since we sold our first AeroGarden in March of 2006. Given the turbulent economy during the period of time since we sold our first garden, it is a feat that makes us feel particularly grateful to our customers. We plan to celebrate this milestone in a variety of ways from now through the end of April. As you know, we make special offers available to our e-Newsletter subscribers on a fairly regular basis. To kick-off our Million Garden Celebration and say “thanks for your business,” please take 10% OFF all orders, store-wide throughout this weekend (see coupon below).

We are fortunate to have so many customers who obviously enjoy indoor gardening as much as we do. We know that many of you have expressed interest in the tips, recipes, and experiences of other AeroGardners that we have shared from time to time. You can look for more great ideas and products to support them as we celebrate this month.

Be sure to check out our new Norwegian Spruce Seed Kit, Bulk Products, Patio Planters and other great products while this special offer lasts. From gardens to seed kits to our many fun, herb-saving accessories, please use this offer, available store wide at to save money on our full product line and share with others the fun and ease of indoor gardening.

Thank you again and remember to shop now to take advantage of this special discount.


J. Michael Wolfe
President & Chief Operating Officer
AeroGrow International, Inc.
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