Harvest XL Trellis Harvest XL Trellis System

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Your AeroGarden® Harvest XL gives you the height necessary to grow tall, thriving plants - give them the support they require. This set of 2 stackable trellises connects to the trellis included with your Harvest XL. Together, the three trellises provide 18" of support for your tomatoes, peppers and other tall, fruiting plants. This trellis quickly and easily attaches to the garden's grow deck, giving your plants an extra level of support.

  • Grow tall, thriving plants with the help of the AeroGarden® Harvest XL Trellis System
  • Gives your fruits and vegetables the extra support they need to stand tall
  • Trellis quickly and easily attaches to your garden's grow deck
  • Compatible with the Harvest XL model
  • Includes two rings and eight posts

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