Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 20 Watt LED Grow Light
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Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 20 Watt LED Grow Light

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Quick Overview:

LED grow light optimized for big, fast growth... from the world's leading indoor gardening company! (more...)


Now you can use AeroGarden's industry leading LED Grow Light technology anywhere you're growing plants! Designed to fit into any standard socket, the 20 Watt Miracle-Gro AeroGarden LED Grow Light brings sunshine anywhere. It takes advantage of the unique properties of LEDs to provide high performance, energy-efficient lighting for plants. This LED Grow Light is tuned to the specific spectrum that allow plants to maximize photosynthesis. This results in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

These innovative bulbs are compatible with all grow mediums, including soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics. They may also be used for all stages of plant growth - from seed starting to flowering to harvest. Concentrating daylight white LEDs spur fast growth, blue LEDs generate bigger yields and red LEDs trigger more flowers.

With an up to 50,000 hour rating, this LED light also saves hundreds of dollars in energy and grow light replacement costs over its lifespan. This grow light is also easy on your eyes...there's no harsh purple glare that you'll find with other LED grow lights. And AeroGarden grow lights out produce the competition - in controlled tests our grow lights produce greater lumens, increased lux and faster plant growth than any other 20 watt LED Grow Light on the market.

Overview and Benefits:


  • LED grow light optimized for big, fast growth... guaranteed - from the world's leading indoor gardening company!
  • Fits any standard socket or lamp and is rated for 50,000 hours (8.5 years at 16 hrs/day).
  • Ideal for all stages of growth, from seed starting to flowering to harvest in soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics.
  • Great for plants, easy on your eyes. No harsh purple glare like other grow lights and stays cool - no heat buildup.
  • 4-band LEDs are tuned to maximize photosynthesis – dual red spectrum LEDs for flowering, blue for vegetative growth, and daylight white for maximum penetration into canopy and plant cells.


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Customer Reviews

Review by David
Worked well but died in 6 months. (Posted on 7/23/2018)
Customer Service Response:
Our goal with quality is for all of our products to last to expectation, but know that if for any reason they do not last to warranty we are happy to help! I am sorry that this died at 6 months, and I do show that a new one was sent to you so that you could keep growing! If anything else wasn't as expected, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.
Review by Harriet
I have an array of Ultra from Costco, they are older model with only 30w LED, so I tried to add some side light with those set on timer scheduled as the same as the top light.

After just 2 days, the leaves close to the light turn white. They are about 3 inches from the light. That's when I find the light was hot, a lot hotter than I expected from LED light.

They are on their way back to AeroGrow. One more thing, this thing is heavy, over 1 lb for a single light. Shipping could cost a lot, depends on how far you are from Missouri.
(Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that your light hood is hotter then normal. We do have a 1 year warranty on all of our gardens and would be happy to replace the light hood with proof of purchase.
Review by Lucinda
I have only used this for 4 or 5 days but am very impressed with the grow rate of my herb and fairy garden plants. I use it to help them get established on the already grown plants to help them get a good start in their lives. It works very, very well. I noticed growth after the first two days was impressive. Now, they are flourishing at a nice rate of growth- ready to garden plant them in about another two weeks. Will keep you updated. Also, ordering another one of these- I do not want to run out of this beautiful plant helper. Thanks Aerogrow. Wish I could fix all of you a nice dinner with my homegrown herbs and plants- there will also be a meat and fixings but they'll be enhanced by the herbs. Undoubtedly. (Posted over a month ago)

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