Why We Love The Bounty

First introduced in the Fall of 2015, the Bounty 9-pod garden has quickly become a favorite among AeroGardeners. Even in the AeroGarden Lab, the Bounty is everywhere, being used for germination tests, growing new and exciting seed varieties and nurturing beautiful plants for photo and video shoots throughout the year. 

After bringing the Extra and Ultra to market in 2012 and 2013, we knew there needed to be a countertop-sized garden that could support more than seven plants.  After three years of research and development, we were thrilled to introduce the Bounty and Bounty Elite indoor gardens. The 9-pod configuration and 45 watts of LED lighting allowed for fuller, taller gardens that were still the right fit for countertops. The addition of WiFi connectivity came a year later.

The Bounty's advanced control systems help your gardens grow even more abundant and flavorful produce. So our tomato and pepper seed pod kits and the seeds you use in our Grow Anything kits are even more successful. And that's always our main goal when designing and advancing our indoor garden systems.

2 thoughts on “Why We Love The Bounty”

  • I bought the Red Heirloom tomato 9 pod for the Bounty. Can the Bounty really handle all 9 pods growing together or should I only start 3 or 4? The directions says that I should start all 9 together. Just curious.

    • The Bounty can definitely handle all 9 plants, however the volume may get a little unwieldy if you're not pruning regularly. If you're nervous about having too much production, start with 3 or 4. You can always save the seed pods for your next garden.

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