Expert gardeners know that starting seedlings at home has plenty of advantages over buying starts at the nursery, including:


1. Big Savings – Seeds cost a fraction of what grown plants cost from the nursery. Save hundreds of dollars starting from seeds at home!

2. Big Variety – Your local nursery will sell dozens of varieties of tomato seeds – but likely only a couple of varieties of tomato plants. Experiment and grow what you LOVE!

3. Best Flavor – starting seeds at home lets you save heirloom seeds from your favorite, juiciest harvests and grow them at home year after year. Start a family tradition! Share favorites with friends!

4. Big Harvests – The ability to transplant seedlings to the garden as soon as weather allows gives you a serious jump on the gardening season.

5. Big Color – The Seed Starting System is great for starting flowers too. Replace expensive store-bought bedding plants with starts you’ve nurtured from seed.

6. Big Fun – It’s just plain rewarding to watch seeds sprout indoors and grow, nurtured in ideal conditions, then watch those seedlings take root in an outdoor garden – producing pound after pound of zucchini, melons, spinach, and everyone’s favorite – garden fresh tomatoes.

At AeroGrow, we love gardening – indoors and outdoors. The AeroGarden not only makes it possible to garden indoors year round, but also give you plenty of options for starting seeds indoors for your outdoor garden or containers.