Why plants grow 5X faster than those grown in soil

The year 2020 marked 15 years since the launch of the very first AeroGarden to the public. In that time, millions of AeroGardens have been sold and growing fresh herbs salads, veggies, flowers and more in our homes has gained in popularity every year.

One of the reasons for that popularity is how quickly plants grow in the AeroGarden in-home garden system. AeroGardens use a proven technology that helps plants grow healthy and strong more quickly. Yes, it involves the science of hydroponics, but there is also some NASA proven aeroponics involved. Studies have shown that plants grown aeroponically can grow five times faster than plants grown in soil.

Plants grow in water and air

Both aeroponics and hydroponics utilize water rather than soil to deliver the nutrients and oxygen plants require. In an AeroGarden, there is a combination of some aeroponic and some hydroponic functionality. The lower portion of the plant roots are submerged in a nutrient-rich water solution and roots near the base of the plant are exposed, allowing access to more oxygen.The higher oxygen levels delivered to the roots of the plants improves nutrient delivery, and in turn the plants grow faster and healthier.

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