Why Do We Love Our Be The Bee Pollinator?

Happy National Pollinator Week! Have you ever used our Be The Bee Pollinator Tool? It’s a favorite in the environment of our partner Little Kitchen Academy, so we talked to LKA Co-Founder Felicity Curin to understand why students love this fun little tool so much!

There are so many reasons! Possibly as many reasons as there are bees! In every LKA environment, at different times of the work cycle and with students of all ages, you will find the bee in action! Giving our students the independent choice to step away from their busy work to take a mindful break and help us pollinate our food wall is an essential, and a very welcome, activity!

Every tool and piece of equipment at LKA must have certain characteristics, including a point of interest and the Be the Bee definitely delivers! The bright, engaging yellow colour catches our eyes amongst all the different shades of green. This helps us refine our visual sense! The fun vibration that simulates the buzzing of a bee tickles our hands and beautifully illustrates the fast-moving wings and bodies that carry pollen from one flower bud to another! Gently brushing the plants stimulates all of the wonderful smells our AeroGardens produce! Have you ever smelled tomato plants as they grow? Wow!

student using Be the Bee pollinator to pollinate flowers
A student at LKA Century City in Los Angeles pollinates plants growing on the Living Food Wall powered by AeroGarden
student using Be the Bee pollinator
A student at LKA Century City in Los Angeles pollinates plants growing on the Living Food Wall powered by AeroGarden

Our Bee also helps us practice patience! There are times when many of our students want to help pollinate with our Bee, but as we only have 2 for a class of 10, so we learn how to wait patiently! Our students are encouraged to use the Bee as long as they would like, and this gives our other students an exciting opportunity to enthusiastically watch while waiting for their turn. 

Another characteristic we ask of our tools is Intelligent Purpose. Our Be the Bee work engages children in the growing process and allows them to learn about the importance of pollination. Not to mention how important bees are to our world! Most students have no idea that honeybees pollinate 80 percent of all flowering plants, including more than 130 types of fruits and vegetables, so it helps them understand the importance of pollination and appreciate the value of something as small as a bee!

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