Which AeroGarden Indoor Garden is Right For Me?

AeroGarden Makes Growing Indoors Easy

AeroGarden is a game changer. By combining hydroponics with powerful grow lights, it creates the perfect environment for sprouting seeds and growing herbs, veggies, and flowers in the comfort of your home. But choosing the right AeroGarden may not be intuitive. Available space limits indoor growing capacity, and it matters what you want to grow. You’ll need to know what each model can do, and consider how that compares to your own gardening goals.

Four to Choose From

The four AeroGarden model families, Sprout, Harvest, Bounty, and Farm, offer different growing capabilities for a variety of gardening pursuits. Use them to grow plants from seed through harvest, or to start seedlings for transplant into different locations. Size of the growing deck, volume of the water reservoir, and output of the grow light determines how many plants each will grow. Choose your AeroGarden based on the plants you want to grow, how long you want to grow them, and the space available to you.

Sprout for the Smallest Spaces

AeroGarden Sprout features three growing spaces, 10-inches of growing height, and a 10W LED grow light. The compact size makes it perfect for growing a selection of your favorite herbs. Prune them regularly to promote bushy growth. With the Sprout Seed Starting Kit, use it to start up to 15 seedlings to transplant into conventional pots, an outdoor garden, or other AeroGardens within as little as a week.

Harvest for Consistent Yields

Harvest models offer six growing spaces, with 12 inches of available growing height, and a 20W LED grow light. This is an excellent choice for weekly harvests of low-growing plants, like herbs and leaf lettuces. Use the Harvest Seed Starting Kit to sow 23 seeds at once, and transplant them to another garden space within a week or two. Or install the Harvest Microgreens Kit to enjoy nutritious, homegrown microgreens in less than a week.

Bounty for Larger Plants

The four members of the AeroGarden Bounty family each offer 9 growing spaces, with up to 24 inches of growing height, and LED grow lights ranging from 30W to 50W. The added growing height makes Bounty a great place to grow taller crops like flowers, or compact fruiting plants such as patio tomatoes. The Bounty Seed Starting Kit offers 50 spaces to support succession planting in outdoor garden spaces.

Farm for Intensive Gardening

For intensive indoor vegetable gardening, AeroGarden Farms provide plenty of space and growing flexibility. Choose from the Farm 12, 12XL, 24 Plus, or 24XL. The 12s have 12 growing spaces and one 60W grow light each, and the 24s offer 24 spaces and dual, independently adjustable grow lights in a side-by-side configuration. Farm 12 and Farm 24 Plus each offer 24 inches of growing height, while the XLs provide up to 36 inches of growing height. 


AeroGarden Farm models make it possible to grow a greater variety of herbs and greens, or a steady supply of large veggies like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The AeroGarden Farm Seed Starting Kit features 85 seed starting spaces. Use two kits in the Farm 24 Plus to start 170 seedlings at once. For even more growing space, use an AeroGarden Farm Stacking System to create a green wall with one farm stacked above another.

Choose The One That’s Right For You

AeroGarden is the right solution for growing fresh herbs, veggies, and flowers in your home. For a smaller quantity of just a few herbs, the Sprout is a great choice. If you want regular harvests of lettuce or fresh herbs, or to start smaller quantities of seedlings, go for the Harvest. Bounty will better fit taller countertop crops like compact tomato and pepper varieties and flowers, or for starting larger quantities of seedlings. For the most intensive indoor gardening system, Farm gives you space and flexibility to grow anything the other models can plus larger plants like cucumbers, snap peas, tomatoes and peppers.


Choosing the right AeroGarden will ensure that you can grow all the fresh herbs and veggies you love, without equipment taking over your kitchen. With a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, there is an AeroGarden for everyone.

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