So you started your plants in your AeroGarden, but now you want to transplant them into pots or your outdoor garden. A relatively easy process, but when done without hardening off, some plants may not survive the transition, and no one wants that!

What our new video on how to Harden off your plants for the best possible success. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, and we will include them in this blog for others with similar thoughts.

If you want to start your plants indoors for your outdoor garden, we recommend using our Seed Starting Systems. They have more holes for our grow sponges, meaning more plants started for your garden. We recommend transplanting them before they get too large (over 3 inches) for two reasons. One, the roots will be smaller, making them easier to pull out of the deck without damaging them. Second, young plants survive the transplanting process much better than an adult plant would.

Please note that we sell the Seed Starting Systems for all our garden models. If you have a Harvest AeroGarden double check you are getting the right deck for the right model. We have our Harvest Classics (older models) and then we have our Harvest Gardens (newer models, 2018+) They are not interchangeable.