Using 6/7 pod seed kits in a 3 pod AeroGarden


Many AeroGardeners like to save money by using 6/7 pod seed kits in their 3 pod gardens.  It's like getting two seed kits for the price of one!  It's pretty simple to do, but the nutrient dose for most plants in a 3 pod AeroGarden is 4 mls, whereas the 6/7 pod seed kits come with 8 ml nutrient packets.  If you put an 8 ml packet in a 3 pod AeroGarden, you'll over-feed (and maybe even kill) your plants!
A simple solution is to pre-mix the nutrients.  Just add one 8ml packet to a gallon of water and shake well.  Then use that pre-mixed nutrient every time you water your AG3.  Some AeroGardeners report even better growth when feeding their plants this way!  Store unused, pre-mixed nutrient in a cool, dark place.

3 thoughts on “Using 6/7 pod seed kits in a 3 pod AeroGarden”

  • uh oh! I didn' realize this and already fed my Aero 3 a full 8 oz nutrient package once upon "planting" the pods, and once again at the first 2 week interval. Now what? Should I wait at least a month before starting to fill using the gallon of water infused with the nutrient package? I'm growing dill, tarragon and basil. (Yesterday was week 3, and so far everything is looking ok)

  • Good to know.

  • Gloria Anderson October 9, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Do an immediate rinse and refill.

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