Recipe Submitted by AeroGardener Bella Gray

This recipe is so universal you can harvest from almost all the AeroGrow gardens for your ingredients. Start with the basic recipe for a Pods’ Delight. For a second dip, kick it up a notch by adding avocado for a Pods’ Delight Guacamole dip. Two dips from one recipe and your gardens!

Serve either dip with your favorite corn chips, or stuff Romaine leaves from your gardens and eat as you would a taco. Not only are these two recipes wonderful as a basic dip, they can both be used as a topping on everything from salads, eggs, tacos, pizzas, hamburgers, and pretty much anything else that sounds good to you. Serves about 3-cups total, but if you have the garden ingredients double the recipe, it will all get eaten!

Basic Recipe Pods’ Delight:
1 cup Tomatoes from any of your gardens, diced
1 cup any colored Peppers from any of your pepper gardens, diced
1 cup Sweet onion, diced

3 Tablespoon Olive oil
1 teaspoon Lemon juice
1 Tablespoon fresh Cilantros leaves from your garden, minced
To taste Hot peppers from your garden, minced (optional)

Kick it up a notch to Pods’ Delight Guacamole:
2-3 (depending upon the size) normal-sized Avocados, diced

Corn Chips
Romaine Lettuce

If you don't have fresh Cilantro leaves substitute finely diced green onions. Some people may even enjoy basil or parsley, but stick to the basics the first time. Have a care not to use too much Cilantro, as it can be overpowering. Using a mandolin to dice everything will speed things up. How many hot peppers from your gardens is up to your personal taste. Combine all the ingredients and allow to marinade, but it will be hard to resist! After you make it a few times you’ll know how long you prefer.

Option: kick it up a notch; turn 1/3 of your Pods’ Delight into a second dip: Dump 1/3 of your basic Pods’ Delight recipe into your food processor and add 1/2 of your diced avocado, pulse until your mixture is relatively smooth. Don’t over pulse, because some chunks are fine. Transfer mixture into a medium bowl. Smash your remaining avocado with a fork or potato masher to break it up a bit further. Fold these two mixtures together. Keep covered tightly (push plastic wrap into direct contact with dip) until ready to serve, as avocados oxidize and turn brown when exposed to the air.

That’s it, a wonderfully quick and easy way to have two separate dips using all your luscious ingredients from your gardens. Enjoy!