The Under $100 Plant Lovers Gift Guide

What should you get for all the plant lovers in your life? Let us (the experts) help. We’ve curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list, while keeping budget in mind!

Given supply chain issues this year, it’s a good idea to buy early this year.



For the person who loves to plan…

Help them get a jumpstart on their outdoor garden with our seed starting systems that fit in any AeroGarden. Start seeds indoors, then transfer outdoors to get their growing season started sooner.

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For the person with limited space…

Give the gift of endless gardening! Grow 3 plants at once with the brand new sleek & modern AeroGarden Sprout – Great garden for beginner AeroGardeners with a compact footprint that fits just about anywhere!

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For the person who always has the newest gadgets… 

Gift our most popular garden, the AeroGarden Harvest! Grow up to 6 plants 5X faster than soil in the AeroGarden Harvest that fits perfectly in any sized home. Choose from 3 designs and color finishes!

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For the person who loves spicy…

Get them the Jalapeno Peppers Seed Pod Kit, where they can grow their own spicy peppers and use them in a variety of ways, such as spicy salsa, jalapeno poppers, spicy cocktails, and more!

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For the person who loves to cook…

Gift your loved ones the ability to cook with fresh herbs, grown right on their kitchen counter! With the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit, they can grow an assortment of fresh and fragrant herbs that can enhance any meal.

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For the plant parent…

Great for any plant parent – the Grow Light Panel give your houseplants a sunlight boost or make your AeroGarden harvests even more plentiful. Nurture your plant babies with light from the best angle. This versatile, grow light can be hung from above or tilted on its stand, and it also rotates 360 degrees!

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For the person who loves to interior decorate…

Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf – Save space while upgrading your furniture – display up to 3 countertop AeroGarden models at once!

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