The Other Italian Basil

Photo of Napolitano basil

Napolitano basil, which is widely grown around Naples, is similar in flavor to the better known Genovese basil, which is grown around Genoa, and is just as good in pesto. Its leaves are the biggest of any basil - one  will just about cover a sandwich!  Here's a  great recipe for basil vinegar: in a jar, steep one cup of slightly crushed basil leaves in two cups of white wine vinegar for 1-2 weeks.  Strain and pour into a bottle.  Use in salad dressing, or drizzle some on hot green beans or other vegetable.


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  • I'm finding this out now! Wow, those are huge! I'm so glad I added this variety to my garden this round. I love mixing different varieties of basil in my pesto, each batch tastes slightly different each time, depending on which variety I have the most of at the time.

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