It is common and perfectly normal for pepper plants to drop some of their flowers, even under normal conditions and when they are being properly pollinated. Here at AeroGrow we have occasionally seen them lose a third of their flowers, and yet still produce a beautiful, bountiful crop of peppers from the flowers that remain. We have also noticed that Jalapeños tend to be the slowest to produce fruit, and actually grow and produce better if pruned as minimally as possible. The other peppers around them should be pruned enough to assure that the Jalapeños receive enough light. And lastly - while this is unusual in an indoor environment - if daytime temperatures should climb above 80 degrees, or outside a range of 60-75 degrees at night, peppers can drop all their blossoms. If your home is experiencing seasonal temperature extremes, try to find a place for your AeroGarden (basements often work well) where the temperatures remain within the limits listed above. When temperature conditions moderate, peppers will usually set additional flowers and fruit.