Tall Gardens Grow More -- Up to 300% More!

Extra and Extra Elite AeroGardens Grow Everything Better.  Lots of people think that these "tall" AeroGardens are just about more height (they have twice the growing height of the AG7).  But the real magic is in the extra lights!  Tall gardens or upgrade kits give you plants 50% more light than a standard AeroGarden, and this light results in much bigger yields.  In our tests of our standard AG7 versus the same plants in a standard "tall" garden (Extra, Extra Elite or Upgraded AG7) we grew:

  • 300% more cherry tomatoes!
  • 50% more basil!
  • 35% more flowers!

In addition, everything grows better.  The extra light is the key.  Lettuce produces thicker, fuller leaves and herbs show higher yields as well.  Upgrades for a standard AG7 start at just $99.95.

One thought on “Tall Gardens Grow More -- Up to 300% More!”

  • tony lundstedt May 26, 2011 at 3:54 am

    Cool - when will you make them available outside the US? The upgrade for $100.. is a ok deal but factoring in taxes, custom fees and shipping.. they are a bit over the top.

    And looking at the UK retailer.. they sell accessories that today states:
    "This Item is out of stock until Tuesday 2nd March 2010, any orders placed before this date will be held on the system and dispatched on the 2nd March."

    That don't sound like a reliable retailer. Guess US is the main market... which is fine, but sad for us outside.

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