1. Fresh Veggies Make For Even Better Recipes

    Fresh Veggies Make For Even Better Recipes
    There's nothing like a juicy, ripe, red tomato from your garden...when it's snowing outside! Here are a few of our favorite tomato recipes to help you use all that fruit you're growing in your AeroGardens: Garlic Butter Tomato Baked Chicken - cheesy, hearty and full of rich tomato flavor. This recipe perfect for cold weather days. Orzo Stuffed Peppers with...
  2. Plant Tip: Tomato Stems Bumps

    Plant Tip: Tomato Stems Bumps
    What are these bumps on my tomato plant stem? Aerial roots When you see little white nodes coming out of the main stem of tomato plants, that is completely normal. Although those look a bit scary, don't worry- they're just aerial roots! Tomatoes have the ability to grow an entire root system from the stem, which is an evolutionary defense...
  3. Decorated Focaccia Bread

    Decorated Focaccia Bread
    Have you seen the new beautiful trend where people are decorating their focaccia bread with natural ingredients? If you have not, just take a second to look it up on Pinterest or Google, stunning right?The best part about this trend, is you can use almost anything that you have grown out of your AeroGarden, minus a couple flower varieties. Are...
  4. Father's Day Brunch

    Father's Day Brunch
    It’s that time again and we’re here to offer up a delicious brunch for Dad. He deserves it. This summer themed deliciousness requires a few ingredients listed below.     Basil Avocado Toast:   Sliced breadFresh AeroGarden Cherry Tomatoes Fresh AeroGarden Basil1/2 an Avocado - smashed2 tbsp Feta Cheese1/2 tsp Lemon JuiceA pinch of salt and pepper   Mix the...
  5. Start a Compost

    Start a Compost
    With Earth Day here again (It’s the 50th Anniversary!) we thought we should just talk about how easy it is to save your food and plant scraps from the landfill and create your own compost pile at home. There are a number of ways to go about it, but one of the easiest is to use a trash can or...
  6. Best Seeds to Start Indoors

    Best Seeds to Start Indoors
    Did you know that not all seed varieties need to be started indoors before transplanting? There are some seeds that actually prefer to start outdoors in soil. But here are the seeds that do best when sprouted indoors, like in an AeroGarden, where conditions are optimal for starting those little sprouts, and can then be transferred to your traditional beds...
  7. Start With The Source - The Process of Seed Selection

    Start With The Source - The Process of Seed Selection
    Anyone growing in an AeroGarden knows that the seeds are a huge part of the success of your garden. AeroGarden takes great pride in the rigorous testing and research that goes into our seed pod development. We sat down with Emma Neuberger, Product Development Scientist, to find out more about the process of seed selection and development. Tell us about...
  8. Why We Love The Bounty

    Why We Love The Bounty
    First introduced in the Fall of 2015, the Bounty 9-pod garden has quickly become a favorite among AeroGardeners. Even in the AeroGarden Lab, the Bounty is everywhere, being used for germination tests, growing new and exciting seed varieties and nurturing beautiful plants for photo and video shoots throughout the year.  After bringing the Extra and Ultra to market in 2012...
  9. Creamy Goat Cheese and Arugula Pasta Salad

    Creamy Goat Cheese and Arugula Pasta Salad
     Quick, easy, and healthy, this recipe is a unique addition to your lineup. Try it for your next get-together or party and add your own brand of freshness with cherry tomatoes and arugula right from your AeroGarden! Ingredients -- 8 ounces whole wheat fusilli pasta-- 4 ounces goat cheese crumbled-- 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil-- 2 tablespoons lemon juice...
  10. Mixing Plants from Different Seed Pod Kits

    Mixing Plants from Different Seed Pod Kits
    Can you?  The answer is yes!  You can mix different types of plants together if you prune them as needed to manage growth. Herbs, Flowers and Salads are easiest to mix and match together. Tomatoes/Peppers mixed with any other plants will provide more of a challenge, and in some cases should not be mixed.  Herbs and Flowers offer the most variety and...

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