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  1. 5 Steps to Getting Perfect Peppers

    5 Steps to Getting Perfect Peppers
    If you’ve decided to start growing peppers in your AeroGarden, congratulations and welcome to flavortown! There are so many varieties of peppers, giving you a wide range of flavor (as well as heat) that you can use in everything from soups to sauces. Since growing any flowering veggie or fruit can be intimidating, here are five tips to making sure...
  2. What kind of tips will I get?

    Your AeroGarden Bounty and AeroGarden App will provide you with timely gardening coaching tips that will educate, help to increase yields and make gardening fun!  The tips will appear at relevant times in your growth cycle and are specific to the type of garden chosen during Quick Plant (herbs, tomatoes, etc.). You can access all the tips, which are available...

    WATER 1. Adding Water Add water to “Fill To Here” indicator located under the Water Port flap. Use room temperature tap water or bottled distilled water. Do not use well water which may interfere with our nutrients, or softened water, as it contains levels of sodium usually harmful to plants. The 'Add Water' reminder alert will appear on the control...

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