1. Types of Microgreens

    Types of Microgreens
    Congratulations! You just got your new MicroGreens Kit for your Harvest or Harvest Elite AeroGarden, and you are ready to plant. Your new kit already comes with one 4oz MicroHerb Seed Pack and you have the option to buy additional Winter Wheatgrass and Spicy Microgreen Seed Packs. All are wonderful choices, that are quick and easy growers packed full of...
  2. What is "Harden Off"

    What is "Harden Off"
    Moving Your Seedlings Outdoors   So you started your plants in your AeroGarden, but now you want to transplant them into pots or your outdoor garden. A relatively easy process, but when done without hardening off, some plants may not survive the transition, and no one wants that!What our new video on how to Harden off your plants for...
  3. Start your Cold Weather Crops

    Start your Cold Weather Crops
    Now is a good time to start your Seed Starting Trays with your cold weather crops!  Here are some great things to start:   Vegetable When to Plant Seeds When to Harvest Arugula Beets Broccolo Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Collards Fava Beans Kale Lettuce Spinach Turnips August-September July June-July June-July June-July September June July-August September-October June-July August-September July-August July-August...

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