1. AeroGrow Grow Lab Take Down

    AeroGrow Grow Lab Take Down
    If you didn't know already, we have a pretty impressive lab here at our AeroGrow office. In this lab we are constantly growing in our AeroGardens, whether it be new plants that we are testing, or re-testing our Seed Pod Kits to make sure the seeds are still germinating. Because of this, we often have large "take downs" meaning we...
  2. AeroGarden Sustainability

    As an appliance, the AeroGarden is   -- Designed for re-use, again and again, year after year -- Designed for energy efficiency (the AeroGarden Classic uses less electricity than a 60 watt light bulb, new LED models only 30 watts or less) -- AeroGarden is constructed entirely of recyclable components.  Any and all parts can be taken to any facility that...

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