1. Types of Basil

    Types of Basil
    Did you know we offer 9 varieties of Basil in our Seed Pod Kits? Here is a breakdown of their flavor profiles and an inspirational recipe for each. You can find basil in an assortment of our kits, including International Basil & Pesto Basil, as well as customizing your own Seed Pod Kit! Genovese Classic Pesto Flavor Recipe Globe Spicy Anise Flavor Recipe...
  2. Purple Basil Recipes

    Purple Basil Recipes
    The other day, the lab took down 4 Bounty gardens FULL of beautiful Purple Basil. We didn't want them to go to waste, so we snatched them up, took them home, and made two delicious recipes with them. First, we made Purple Basil & Parmesan Biscuits. Then, we made Purple Basil & Garlic Hummus. You can find the recipes if...

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