1. My basil is doing great but the other herbs seems slow. What's wrong?

    Nothing is wrong!  Basil is almost always the first seed to sprout and grows faster and taller than others. The most common mistake made by new AeroGardeners is to NOT trim it back. Basil grows like a weed in the AeroGarden, and it is tempting to raise the light hood to accomodate just the basil.  Don’t do it!  Raising the light hood...
  2. My Seeds aren't germinating

    One of my seed pods didn't germinate Our 100% germination guarantee means that all pods in our Seed Kits are guaranteed to germinate. If one of your Seed Pods did not sprout after three weeks of planting, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-476-9669 and one of our agents will be glad to order you a replacement pod.  If...

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