1. The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants

    The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants
    It seems like lately these have been some pretty strange times to be alive. We miss our friends. We miss going out. Heck, we miss running a quick errand without worry! So while we adjust to doing absolutely everything we can from home there’s one thing we shouldn’t neglect to take care of: Ourselves! Growing your own plants whether for...
  2. What is "Harden Off"

    What is "Harden Off"
    Moving Your Seedlings Outdoors   So you started your plants in your AeroGarden, but now you want to transplant them into pots or your outdoor garden. A relatively easy process, but when done without hardening off, some plants may not survive the transition, and no one wants that!What our new video on how to Harden off your plants for...
  3. How do I harvest, dry, or store my herbs?

    How do I harvest, dry, or store my herbs?
    Harvesting You can find information about harvesting your salad greens and herbs in our previous Indoor Gardening Month articles. Great information here on how to prune and harvest without impacting the health of your plants! Some herbs germinate and grow faster than others, but you can benefit by beginning harvests much earlier than you think.  Most herbs develop bushier growth...
  4. AeroGarden Seed Starting Systems

    AeroGarden Seed Starting Systems
    How to use, set up, and what to expect with your new Seed Starting System for your AeroGarden. Available for all AeroGardens. Seeds do not come with the Seed Starting System, they are to grow your own favorite plants, that will eventually be transplanted into your outdoor garden.
  5. How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon

    How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon
    How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon and the importance of periodically changing out the water in your AeroGarden reservoir.  
  6. New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses

    New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses
    Check out some of the time lapse videos of plants growing in the New 2018 Harvest Line.   AeroGarden - Harvest 360 White Heirloom Salad Greens Timelapse Harvest Elite Slim Stainless Steel 2018 Lettuce Timelapse   Harvest Black 2018 Lettuce Timelapse    
  7. AeroGarden Harvest Can Grow Anything

    AeroGarden Harvest Can Grow Anything
  8. Can I mix plants from different Seed Pod Kits in my AeroGarden?

    Yes, you can mix different types of plants together if you prune them as needed to manage growth. Herbs, Flowers and Salads are easiest to mix and match together. Tomatoes/Peppers mixed with any other plants will provide more of a challenge, and in some cases should not be mixed.   Herbs and Flowers offer the most variety and the greatest range...
  9. Helping Mercy Housing Go From Farm to Table

    Helping Mercy Housing Go From Farm to Table
    We are thrilled to be a part of helping Mercy Housing bring fresh produce to their residents. Mercy Housing is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations. They are doing great work to help our local communities thrive, and part of that is providing programs that support healthy living. We delivered new AeroGardens to their senior resident’s facilities in...
  10. My plants aren't growing/appearing healthy

    If your seeds germinated but plant growth is stalled or the plants look unhealthy, it's not because they are "defective;" either they are not getting something they need, or they are getting something they don't need. Here's what to check: WATER: The problem could be that the source water you are using is "hard" or has a high mineral content. Plants grown in...

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