1. Types of Microgreens

    Types of Microgreens
    Congratulations! You just got your new MicroGreens Kit for your Harvest or Harvest Elite AeroGarden, and you are ready to plant. Your new kit already comes with one 4oz MicroHerb Seed Pack and you have the option to buy additional Winter Wheatgrass and Spicy Microgreen Seed Packs. All are wonderful choices, that are quick and easy growers packed full of...
  2. Ways to Enjoy your MicroGreens

    Ways to Enjoy your MicroGreens
    So, you planted your new Microgreens Seed Pod Kit in your Harvest / Harvest Elite or Bounty AeroGarden, and now you have a thriving tray of beautiful and colorful sprouts. But now what? How do you use all your nutrient packed greens? Easy! You eat them. Here are some easy ways you can incorporate your home grown and harvested Microgreens. Smoothies & Juices ...
  3. Benefits of Micogreens

    Benefits of Micogreens
    We have some exciting news, fellow AeroGardeners! We have launched our very first MicroGreens Kit for the Harvest / Harvest Elite AeroGardens and the Bounty Family AeroGardens! Our new MicroGreens kit can grow 2 different varieties of MicroGreens at once, and with the powerful grow lights, they’ll be ready to eat in just a few days! MicroGreens are up to...
  4. How nutritious is AeroGrown produce compared to store-bought organic produce?

    How nutritious is AeroGrown produce compared to store-bought organic produce?
    This post was originally published February 16th, 2019 There are actually more vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients in AeroGrown produce than in most “certified organic” produce purchased from the supermarket.  For example, AeroGarden Salad Greens have been shown to contain 55% more Vitamin C than Earthbound Farms Organic Mixed Baby Greens from Whole Foods and 200% more vitamin C than a...
  5. What's The Brown Residue On My AeroGarden?

    As your AeroGarden starts to sprout and your plants begin to thrive, you may start getting some brown "crust" or sediment appearing on the edges of your grow deck. Though it may be unattractive, this is totally normal. The material is not harmful and does not indicate any failure on your part or the part of the garden! What you're...
  6. Indoor Gardening 101: Plant Food is Love

    Indoor Gardening 101: Plant Food is Love
    Nutrition is Critical to a Healthy Garden When growing outdoors, plants develop elaborate root systems to search out the 13 essential macro and micro nutrients needed for growth. Properly enhanced soils grow plants faster and healthier. Indoors, it's actually easier to ensure proper nutrients for your plants because you’re working with more controlled environments, in smaller containers or using hydroponics...
  7. How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon

    How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon
    How to use our Rinse & Refill Siphon and the importance of periodically changing out the water in your AeroGarden reservoir.  
  8. Are AeroGrow seeds and nutrients organic?

    AeroGrow uses the same proven, patented nutrients that we’ve used since the beginning – the result of 6 years of intensive testing in our grow rooms.  Our nutrients contain no harmful pesticides or herbicides. The FDA has procedures for classifying plants as organic, but nutrients are not regulated in this way.  AeroGrow nutrients are made from mineral salts that provide...
  9. My plants aren't growing/appearing healthy

    My plants aren't growing/appearing healthy
    If your seeds germinated but plant growth is stalled or the plants look unhealthy, it's not because they are "defective;" either they are not getting something they need, or they are getting something they don't need. Here's what to check: WATER: The problem could be that the source water you are using is "hard" or has a high mineral content. Plants grown in...

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