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  1. AeroGarden 7 LED: My “Replace Lights” indicator is blinking. Do I need to replace the LED lights?

    No, you do not to replace the lights yet. This notification is for models with 2 CFL bulbs in the hood. If you have the LED light hood, you do not need to replace your LED lights until individual diodes begin to fail. Diodes have a 2 - 4 year lifespan. Just press and release the Reset button to turn...
  2. No flowers on your tomato plants? No fruit? Plants growing into the lights? Get help here!

    You should see yellow flowers on your tomato plants at 5-7 weeks, and soon after that you should see some of those flowers turning into little green tomatoes. If you don't get flowers, you will never get fruit! Sometimes, healthy tomato plants don't seem to want to flower, but very often you can turn them around by changing their environment...

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