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  1. Best Seeds to Start Indoors

    Best Seeds to Start Indoors
    Did you know that not all seed varieties need to be started indoors before transplanting? There are some seeds that actually prefer to start outdoors in soil. But here are the seeds that do best when sprouted indoors, like in an AeroGarden, where conditions are optimal for starting those little sprouts, and can then be transferred to your traditional beds...
  2. Tips for Tending to Lettuce

    Tips for Tending to Lettuce
    Lettuce is one of the fastest growing indoor crops you can grow, and it's a staple.  Who doesn't love to be healthy with delicious home-grown lettuce, or add a fresh leaf of romaine on their sandwich, or a salad of tasty arugula? And with AeroGarden, you can enjoy delicious Spring greens all throughout fall and winter! Here are a few...
  3. Be the Bee - Pollinate and Grow Happy

    Be the Bee - Pollinate and Grow Happy Many plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons require pollination in order to produce fruit. When growing outdoors, Mother Nature performs this critical step through wind, animals, bees and other insects. When growing indoors, we need to “be the bee” and perform this task ourselves if we want to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes in the middle of winter. Generally, there...

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