igm week 2

  1. Why Start Seeds Indoors?

    Why Start Seeds Indoors?
    https://youtu.be/82gWM5b-ikc Starting seeds indoors is great for many reasons! First off, more bang for your buck! Buying seed kits gives you the opportunity to grow more than a traditional starter plant and at a lower cost. This will yield you more herbs, veggies and flowers for less coming out of your pocket. There is also a wide variety of plant...
  2. Moving Your Seedlings Outdoors

    Moving Your Seedlings Outdoors
    https://youtu.be/lXn6BRcd7iE Tips for Successful Transplanting Before transplanting your small sprouts from your AeroGarden to your soil beds outdoors, seedlings need to be hardened off. This means helping the plants get accustomed to strong sunlight, cold nights, and less watering over time. Skipping this step throws your seedlings into something they are not prepared for and will almost certainly result in...

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