1. Plant the Rainbow

    Plant the Rainbow
    Our AeroGardens make it easy to bring a diversity of colors and flavors right into your kitchen! Here are some ideas for ways to plant the rainbow—and show pride in all your homegrown goodies.  Thai Peppers  Spicy little bright red peppers, perfect for adding a kick to Asian dishes Add them to your Tomato/Pepper Seed Pod Kit Marigold   These beautiful...
  2. Sauteed Kale

    Sauteed Kale
    You have heard of sautéed spinach, but have you ever heard of sautéed kale? This quick and easy sautéed kale recipe makes for an excellent nutrient-rich side dish or appetizer. These greens contain plenty of vitamins, fiber and powerful antioxidants that are great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy! INGREDIENTS 8 cups (packed) kale, center ribs and...
  3. AeroGarden Seed Starting Systems

    AeroGarden Seed Starting Systems
    How to use, set up, and what to expect with your new Seed Starting System for your AeroGarden. Available for all AeroGardens. Seeds do not come with the Seed Starting System, they are to grow your own favorite plants, that will eventually be transplanted into your outdoor garden.
  4. New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses

    New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses
    Check out some of the time lapse videos of plants growing in the New 2018 Harvest Line.   AeroGarden - Harvest 360 White Heirloom Salad Greens Timelapse Harvest Elite Slim Stainless Steel 2018 Lettuce Timelapse   Harvest Black 2018 Lettuce Timelapse    
  5. Kale & Mushroom Frittata

    Kale & Mushroom Frittata
    Quick easy vegetarian Frittata with the use of your fresh herbs and kale
  6. Tips for Salad Gardens

    Tips for Salad Gardens Here are some salad tips- Temperature- Salads prefer cool temperatures below 72 degrees. Take care to keep your garden away from sunny windows that might increase the temperature. If you are struggling with keeping your salad garden cool, try the following tips: Add ice cubes to the water bowl regularly.Place your garden in a cooler area in your home...
  7. Storing Salad Greens

    Storing Salad Greens
    Hello AeroGardens! Are you having trouble storing Salad Greens harvested from your AeroGarden. Find out what had to say about this problem.
  8. Peach Thyme Summer Salad

    Peach Thyme Summer Salad
    INGREDIENTS 7 firm-ripe peaches, rinsed 3 Tbsp honey 2 (5-inch) fresh thyme sprigs, rinsed 2 cups water 4 Tbsp lemon juice 1/3 cup olive oil Salt and pepper 6 heads Belgian endive leaves (1½ lb total), separated ¼ cup chopped fresh chives 2 Tbsp minced shallot 6 oz prosciutto, thinly sliced 1½ cups mixed greens ½ cup almonds, chopped and...

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