1. Start With The Source - The Process of Seed Selection

    Start With The Source - The Process of Seed Selection
    Anyone growing in an AeroGarden knows that the seeds are a huge part of the success of your garden. AeroGarden takes great pride in the rigorous testing and research that goes into our seed pod development. We sat down with Emma Neuberger, Product Development Scientist, to find out more about the process of seed selection and development. Tell us about...
  2. What are your Grow Sponges (Seed Pods) made of?

    Our Grow Sponges are made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide the ideal medium for soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year 'round. AeroGarden Grow Sponges allow for the perfect balance of oxygen and water for reliable germination and healthy root development.
  3. What is the shelf life of an AeroGrow seed kit?

    We guarantee germination of our seed kits for one year after purchase from any authorized seller. Generally, the seeds in a seed kit will remain viable for two years from the date of assembly if stored in a cool, dry location. As seeds get older, their germination rate falls and the average number of days to germination will rise - so if you...
  4. My Seeds aren't germinating

    One of my seed pods didn't germinate Our 100% germination guarantee means that all pods in our Seed Kits are guaranteed to germinate. If one of your Seed Pods did not sprout after three weeks of planting, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-476-9669 and one of our agents will be glad to order you a replacement pod.  If...

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