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  1. Why Start Seeds Indoors?

    Why Start Seeds Indoors? Starting seeds indoors is great for many reasons! First off, more bang for your buck! Buying seed kits gives you the opportunity to grow more than a traditional starter plant and at a lower cost. This will yield you more herbs, veggies and flowers for less coming out of your pocket. There is also a wide variety of plant...
  2. Indoor Gardening 101: Water, Water, Everywhere!

    Indoor Gardening 101: Water, Water, Everywhere! Who Needs Soil When You've Got Water? Proper water levels are required by plants to deliver the nutrients and other building blocks for fast, healthy growth. Give them too much water, and plants will literally drown. Give them too little, and plants will wilt and dry; there's a healthy balance.  In addition, different plants prefer different watering conditions. Lettuce...

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