1. Mother's Day Inspiration

    Mother's Day Inspiration
    Are you ready for Mother's Day? Take advantage of the flowers and herbs growing in your AeroGarden to create some delicious Mom-worthy treats!  BREAKFAST IDEAS Show her how much you love her with breakfast in bed, made with flavorful homegrown herbs from your AeroGarden! Here are some inspirational recipes that use herbs grown from any Custom Herb Seed Kit. Minty...
  2. Safe Bug Repellents You Can Make At Home

    Safe Bug Repellents You Can Make At Home
    It’s the end of June and your garden should be in full swing. Your tomatoes are starting to show plump, juicy fruit, your herbs are going crazy, and your lettuce is ready to be harvested (all of which you transplanted from your AeroGarden Seed Starting System). Nothing is stopping you from enjoying your time tending to your garden...except, what is...
  3. Indoor to Outdoor Gardening: A Seed Starting Journey - Part 1

    Indoor to Outdoor Gardening: A Seed Starting Journey - Part 1
    With the end of Indoor Gardening Month, I hope you've gotten inspired to start some seeds for outdoors. I'm excited and currently planning out my outdoor garden! Join me on my growing journey, from seed starting to backyard veggie garden. Here are some ways you can get started on YOUR outdoor garden - beginning inside with your AeroGarden! Find Your...
  4. AeroGarden Makes Growing Indoors Easy

    AeroGarden Makes Growing Indoors Easy
    There are many reasons why you may want an indoor garden in your home, maybe you like fresh herbs for cooking, fresh flowers for their scent, or an ordinary house plant to serve as a green accent when remodeling your living room. These are all great reasons, but now the desire to grow a garden indoors could be even more...
  5. The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants

    The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants
    It seems like lately these have been some pretty strange times to be alive. We miss our friends. We miss going out. Heck, we miss running a quick errand without worry! So while we adjust to doing absolutely everything we can from home there’s one thing we shouldn’t neglect to take care of: Ourselves! Growing your own plants whether for...
  6. What is "Harden Off"

    What is "Harden Off"
    Moving Your Seedlings Outdoors   So you started your plants in your AeroGarden, but now you want to transplant them into pots or your outdoor garden. A relatively easy process, but when done without hardening off, some plants may not survive the transition, and no one wants that!What our new video on how to Harden off your plants for...
  7. Banana Pepper Poppers

    Banana Pepper Poppers
    We harvested these beautiful banana peppers from one of our Farm Plus AeroGardens yesterday. There were at least 3 dozen peppers growing on one plant! We had a brilliant idea on what to do with this colorful harvest. Make jalapeño poppers, but with banana peppers instead. Yum! We were wondering if they would be spicy because they had turned red...
  8. Mint Truffles

    Mint Truffles
    People often refer to mint as the bully plant in the AeroGarden. They tend to grow fast and aggressively, even as far as growing under water! But having fresh mint on-hand is worth it. Just make sure to periodically trim your mint so the other herbs in your garden have a chance. We found this delicious blog on how to make Fresh...
  9. Make Your Own Chamomile Tea

    Make Your Own Chamomile Tea
    Did you know it's very simple to make your own Chamomile tea? We sell a couple Seed Pod Kits that feature Chamomile Seeds. The Traditional Medicinal Seed Pod Kit, Fresh Tea Seed Pod Kit, and the Custom Herb Seed Pod Kits. If you have had any experience growing Chamomile, especially in an AeroGarden, then you know that it grows fast and...
  10. Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf Set-Up

    Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf Set-Up
    A quick guide on how to set up the Bamboo Wall Shelf

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