1. Mother's Day AeroGarden Recipes & Activites

    Mother's Day AeroGarden Recipes & Activites
    Mother's Day is this Sunday 💕 Do you have plants growing in your AeroGarden? Check out some inspiration on how to use your garden this weekend with some recipes or activities to celebrate mother's day!  HERBS Show her how much you love her with some home-made breakfast, made with your fresh and safe homegrown herbs from your AeroGarden. Here are...
  2. DIY Flower Crown

    DIY Flower Crown
    At our lab here at AeroGrow, we are constantly growing our Seed Pod Kits, to make sure that the seeds are still viable. This means that we have a never ending cycle of beautiful flowers growing here in the office. This week our lab manager pulled down a couple Bounty's full of Zinnia flowers to make room and grow some new...
  3. My tomatoes or peppers have flowers, but why aren't they setting fruit?

    My tomatoes or peppers have flowers, but why aren't they setting fruit?
    Tomatoes can be a little finicky! Outdoors, they may not set fruit if days are too hot or too cool, if nights are too warm or too cool, if the soil is too wet or too dry, and so on. If your tomatoes are blooming then you are on the right track, and hopefully some of the strategies below will...
  4. Harvesting Flowers

    Harvesting Flowers
    You can use the flowers harvested from your Incredible Edible Seed Pod Kit in all kinds of ways. Make a fragrant mini-bouquet for your desk, add color to a place setting or even add a unique flair to one of your favorite recipes. Harvesting Since your flowers have been grown in a controlled indoor AeroGarden, you don’t need to worry about...
  5. Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers

    Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers
    These bright yellow-orange flowers, Marigolds, are not only good for keeping the bugs out of the garden, but have many other uses. This edible flower can benefit your health in several ways. Part of the Marigold family, Calendulas provide more medicinal benefits. Benefits: Natural anti-inflammatory Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis A natural antioxidant and antiseptic (helps fight infection) Soothes and helps heal...

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