1. Edible Flower Cookies

    Edible Flower Cookies
    Did you know we sell a seed kit that features all edible flowers? Not only are they vibrant and beautiful, you can use them in your meals too!  The Incredible Edibles Seed Pod Kit grows great in any garden you may have.  You can use the flowers in a number of recipes like adding them to your salads, pastas, or...
  2. Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers

    Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers
    These bright yellow-orange flowers, Marigolds, are not only good for keeping the bugs out of the garden, but have many other uses. This edible flower can benefit your health in several ways. Part of the Marigold family, Calendulas provide more medicinal benefits. Benefits: Natural anti-inflammatory Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis A natural antioxidant and antiseptic (helps fight infection) Soothes and helps heal...

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