1. Mint Limeade

    Mint Limeade
    Getting a fresh start in 2021 with a dry January? That doesn't mean your evenings will be filled with boring beverages or empty cups! Enjoy delicious mocktails with fresh herbs from your AeroGarden, like a delicious mint limeade courtesy of Mint Limeade YIELD: Makes 1 Ingredients 1/4 cup mint leaves 2 ounces honey syrup or simple syrup (equal parts...
  2. Whiskey Smash

    Whiskey Smash
    So, you’ve been stuck at home for approximately the last 150 years (it seems like), you’ve got your plants growing inside, your children are inside, the pets are inside, and it feels as if the only thing leaving the house right now is your sanity. We’re here to help.

 Whiskey Smashes are a refreshing and citrusy cousin to the Mint Julep and are...
  3. Learn What Herbs Make Great Additions To Summer Drinks

    Learn What Herbs Make Great Additions To Summer Drinks
    Create water infusions, cocktails & mocktails with your own fresh herbs. Checkout some of our top summer hit drinks below. Plus, if you don't see one you like- don't worry there are more drinks in the recipes categories. The Cocktail & Mocktail Herb Seed Pod Kit is the one for you if homemade fresh drinks is your thing!
  4. Cactus Fruit Cocktails

    Cactus Fruit Cocktails
      Cactus fruits, also known as "prickly pears," are any number of fruit nodules that grow wild on the nopales cactus in the deserts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. Although prickly pear juice is sold in bottles, nothing compares to the sweet taste of their fresh flesh and spitting out the numerous seeds. To peel the fruits: Hold...
  5. Blueberry Lavender Prosecco

    Blueberry Lavender Prosecco
    This beautiful mimosa not only looks fun to make, it's also fun to drink! Packed with healthy blueberries and calming lavender, this beverage is great for summer. Use your very own lavender to make the drink more personable. Get the full recipe at Parsnips + Pastries.  Not growing Lavender? Start a Lots of Lavender Kit in your garden this month...
  6. Pineapple and Cilantro Moscow Mule

    Pineapple and Cilantro Moscow Mule
    This tropical cocktail is summer fun for everyone and can easily be made into a mocktail by leaving out the vodka and adding more ginger beer. Image & Recipe Credit: TMIO   Ingredients 6 cilantro leaves 4 tablespoons pineapple puree 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice ice 1½ ounces vodka ginger beer Instructions Gently muddle the cilantro leaves in a...
  7. Mint Mojitos

    Mint Mojitos
    This Cuban drink is one of the top refreshing cocktails you can enjoy, especially during warm days. Lime + mint + bubbles (and let's not forget, Rum) = Perfection! Great for a summer happy hour using mint from your AeroGarden. Get started – Cut a lime into wedges Add a lime wedge and 10 mint leaves into the bottom of...
  8. Lemon Balm Honeysuckle Cocktail

    Lemon Balm Honeysuckle Cocktail Cool off with this Lemon Balm cocktail! Make with lemon vodka or white run. Try it with July's Seed Pod Kit of the Month, Cocktail & Mocktail Herb Blend (25% OFF through July). Lemon Balm, Lemon Mint, or Mint leaves compliment the lemon and honey in this cocktail.   Lemon Balm and Mints are pruned in the same method...
  9. Summer Garden Gin Fizz

    Summer Garden Gin Fizz
    Mix up this refreshing drink for the hot 4th of July weekend! The Cocktail & Mocktail Herb Seed Pod Kit is perfect for this bubbly, chilled gin drink infused with lavender, basil, and lemon. Lavender has a strong floral and spicy aroma with hints of lemon and mint. When harvesting for making the simple syrup for cocktail, use fully purple...
  10. Lemon Chamomile Cocktail

    Lemon Chamomile Cocktail
    Try growing chamomile in your AeroGarden and use in this whimsical-relaxing cocktail (not just for tea). This soothing herb is slightly bitter, sweet, and aromatic. Chamomile comes in the following seed pod kits:  Fresh Tea, Traditional Medicinal Herb, and any custom herb. Get this delicious Lemon Chamomile Cocktail recipe at HonestlyYUM (image and recipe by HonestlyYUM)

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