1. Make Your Own Chamomile Tea

    Make Your Own Chamomile Tea
    Did you know it's very simple to make your own Chamomile tea? We sell a couple Seed Pod Kits that feature Chamomile Seeds. The Traditional Medicinal Seed Pod Kit, Fresh Tea Seed Pod Kit, and the Custom Herb Seed Pod Kits. If you have had any experience growing Chamomile, especially in an AeroGarden, then you know that it grows fast and...
  2. Harvesting Flowers

    Harvesting Flowers
    You can use the flowers harvested from your Incredible Edible Seed Pod Kit in all kinds of ways. Make a fragrant mini-bouquet for your desk, add color to a place setting or even add a unique flair to one of your favorite recipes. Harvesting Since your flowers have been grown in a controlled indoor AeroGarden, you don’t need to worry about...
  3. Lemon Chamomile Cocktail

    Lemon Chamomile Cocktail
    Try growing chamomile in your AeroGarden and use in this whimsical-relaxing cocktail (not just for tea). This soothing herb is slightly bitter, sweet, and aromatic. Chamomile comes in the following seed pod kits:  Fresh Tea, Traditional Medicinal Herb, and any custom herb. Get this delicious Lemon Chamomile Cocktail recipe at HonestlyYUM (image and recipe by HonestlyYUM)

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