1. Calendula Bath Bombs

    Calendula Bath Bombs
    For this Mother's day we decided to try a fun, unique DIY craft- Bath Bombs. They are a ton of fun to make and satisfying to drop into the bath. These petal-laden bath bombs are exploding with essential oils, and our very own Calendula flowers. So grab your Mom or a friend and get ready to get your hands dirty...
  2. Harvesting Flowers

    Harvesting Flowers
    You can use the flowers harvested from your Incredible Edible Seed Pod Kit in all kinds of ways. Make a fragrant mini-bouquet for your desk, add color to a place setting or even add a unique flair to one of your favorite recipes. Harvesting Since your flowers have been grown in a controlled indoor AeroGarden, you don’t need to worry about...
  3. Edible Flower Canapés

    Edible Flower Canapés
    Inspired by June’s Plant of the Month– Incredible Edibles, give this summer's dinner and tea parties a decorative note by adding edible flowers to this hors d'oeuvre. Get this embellished Edible Flower Canapés recipe at grown to cook. Recommended AeroGarden Flowers: This flower has a neutral taste and makes a playful decoration on tarts and desserts. Violas come in the following seed...
  4. Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers

    Plant Fact: Marigold Flowers
    These bright yellow-orange flowers, Marigolds, are not only good for keeping the bugs out of the garden, but have many other uses. This edible flower can benefit your health in several ways. Part of the Marigold family, Calendulas provide more medicinal benefits. Benefits: Natural anti-inflammatory Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis A natural antioxidant and antiseptic (helps fight infection) Soothes and helps heal...

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