1. Cactus Fruit Cocktails

    Cactus Fruit Cocktails
      Cactus fruits, also known as "prickly pears," are any number of fruit nodules that grow wild on the nopales cactus in the deserts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. Although prickly pear juice is sold in bottles, nothing compares to the sweet taste of their fresh flesh and spitting out the numerous seeds. To peel the fruits: Hold...
  2. Did You Know You Could Grow Cacti?!

    Did You Know You Could Grow Cacti?!
    That's right! You can grow cacti in your AeroGarden from seed or transplant. Tips for Transplanting: Rinse sand and soil off roots Rest plant in grow-basket (no grow media is needed) Only the roots should go into the water Feed like normal If plant starts to turn yellow, reduce time it is exposed to light.

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