Spice Up The Holidays With Your Home Grown Herbs!

This holiday season, whether spent with friends, family, or via web chat, means many things, and one thing that’s always there, is cooking and food. This year, incorporate the herbs you have been growing in your AeroGarden for your signature dishes. 

We recommend using four traditional herbs to enhance the holiday aroma and taste. Rosemary, sage, thyme, and curly parsley, all which can be found in our Scarborough Fair Seed Pod Kit or in a Custom Herbs Seed Pod Kit! Already have those seeds on hand? Use the Grow Anything Kit. Herbs grow great in any size AeroGarden, but are most commonly grown in the Sprout or Harvest Family AeroGardens

Think Ahead! Plant these herbs 1-2 months before the holidays, so they are full, happy, and ready to harvest. 

Depending on your recipe, you may want to use your herbs dried or fresh. 

Dried Herbs or Fresh? When to Use

How Do I Harvest, Dry, or Store My Herbs?


This needle-like herb has that distinct piney flavor, and is great for warm winter meals. It is one of those herbs that can be dried in whole needles or powder, or used fresh in cooked meals. Perfect for slow roasts and braises the herbaceous flavor compounds are extremely potent. A little goes a long way! 

Watch: How to Prune Rosemary


With its beautiful soft, velvety leaves and an aroma of pine and eucalyptus, this pungent herb is used in many holiday recipes. Sage pairs well with proteins like poultry or adds flavor to many side dishes. You will get a stronger flavor when you use fresh sage vs dried. Like rosemary, a little goes a long way.

Watch: How to Prune Sage


Similar to rosemary in looks, but has a gentle flavor that blends well with just about anything. The earthy taste has a hint of lemon, mint, and pepper, which adds flavor to any dish. You will get a stronger earthy taste when using fresh vs. dried. 

Watch: How to Prune Thyme


A great all-purpose herb that adds a delicate and fresh flavor to any dish. When you add the fresh leaves on a cooked meal, expect a clean and peppery taste. Often overlooked, parsley helps enhance the other herbs in any holiday meal. 

Watch: How to Prune Parsley

Other great herbs less commonly found in holiday meals are marjoram and oregano.

Growing anything in our new MicroGreens Kit? Some freshly harvested microgreens could add some added flavor, texture, color and even health benefits to your meals!


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