Setting a 24 hour light cycle AG7 Elite, Extra Elite, Pro 100 and Pro 200

To reach the 24 hour light setting on AG 7 Elite's, AG Exra Elites, Pro 100 or Pro 200  take the following steps:

(see other blog post for detailed instructions for AG7, AG Extra, AG Deluxe, AG6, Space Saver 6, Space Saver 6 Elite, AG6 Elite, Veggie Pro, AG6 Elite + )

1) Press and hold "select" until the light next to the "Strawberries" or "Advanced Settings" button (depending on model).  starts to blink (about 5 seconds).

2) Press "select" until you reach the "Strawberries" or "Advanced Settings" button (depending on model).  "Adaptive Intelligence" will read "initial growth"

3) Release the "select" button.

4) "Adaptive Intelligence" will move from "initial growth" to "germination".  Your lights will run 24 hours until the select button is pressed again.

24 hour light settings give a boost to early vegetative growth for most plants.  Use for the first month or so for bushier growth of lettuce, tomatoes and herbs.  Be sure to switch off 24 hour growth for best results after the first month.  See other posts for more details.

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