Rainbow Dip

Musical Chef @onegreatvegan has a way of making all her meals delicious and beautiful. Including this stunning Spring Rainbow Dip with AeroGarden fresh HERBS!

Rainbow Dip ingredients

Cooked Black Rice (3 Cups)
Diced Radish or Purple Cabbage (1.5 Cups)
Diced Red Bell Peppers (1.5 Cups)
Diced Carrots (1.5 Cups)
Diced Yellow Bell Pepper (1.5 Cups)
Diced Mango (1.5 Cups)
Diced Cucumber (1.5 Cups)
Diced Green Bell Peppers (1.5 Cups)
Diced Radish or Purple Cabbage (1.5 Cups)

Dice up all vegetables, then add everything and cooked rice into a large bowl. 

Fresh Herb Dressing

Parsley (2 Cups)
Mint (1 Cup)
Dill (1 Cup)
Spinach (2 Cups)
Lemon Juice (¼ Cup)
Aquafaba or Vegetable Broth (½-1 Cup)
Fresh Garlic (¼ Cup)
Garlic Powder (2 Tbs)
Onion Powder (2 Tbs)
Maple Syrup (1 Tbs)
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (1-2 Tsp)
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Blend all dressing ingredients together until smooth. Then vegetable broth until desired creaminess. 

Lastly, add herb dressing to diced vegetables and rice in large bowl. Mix well and enjoy!

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