With proper pruning and harvesting you can increase the yield, health and appearance of your herb garden. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so we’ve created step by step instructional video to help you out.

The main points outlined in the video are summarized here:

1.) Prune early and often, especially fast growing basil. In the video, we show the first pruning on a very young garden. The earlier you start pruning, the more you’ll harvest long term!

2.) Keep your lights as low as possible as long as possible. This means prune your fast growing tall plants to keep your lights within 4 inches of your shortest plant.

3.) Prune horizontal growth so that it does not block light to neighboring plants. See the diagram below.

4.) Always prune at a leaf joint. A leaf joint is the point of connection of a leaf with the stem from which a bud arises. See the diagram below.

5.) Never prune more than a 1/3 of the plant at one time.

6.) Pruning the newest growth of basil plants will create more leaf growth and less stem growth.

7.) To keep your thyme and mint plants bushy, remove the pieces that have long stems and few leaves.

8.) Rotate the pods and put the fullest side of the plants out and the thinner side in towards the center of the garden.

9.) Basil, mint and dill are fast growing plants and require more pruning than thyme, oregano, parsley and dill which are slower growing.