Plants like room to grow

ULTRA-bellpepper-spacersMany of our seed kits containing larger plants like tomatoes and peppers come with a mix of seeded pods and spacer pods.  Through extensive testing, we determined that you actually get larger yields from fewer plants!  In the case of cherry tomatoes, for example, plants grown too close together are less healthy than plants given a little room to grow.  A mature cherry tomato garden with 3 plants actually looks better and generates more fruit than the same garden with 7 plants.  Pictured above is a Sweet Bell Pepper Seed Kit (2 Grow Pods + 5 Plant Spacers) in the AeroGarden ULTRA, at just over 1 month maturity. Its fast-growing leaves have already spread to absorb all the available light — Score: Peppers 2; Solar Waving Flower: 0

For their part, spacer pods both help diminish the "dripping noise" from empty pods in the AeroGarden, and block light into the reservoir which would otherwise cause algae to grow.  So give your plants some room to grow!

2 thoughts on “Plants like room to grow”

  • Do the spacer pods come with any of the kits or are they sold separately?

    Have you guys done any testing on the crop yield from transplanted tomatoes?

    For example: say you started with 7 starts and transplanted them how much more yield would there be?

    • Spacer pods automatically come with tomato and pepper kits. You can also find them on the website. Transplanting tomatoes to the outdoor garden in summer definitely results in increased yields, although we haven't done a detailed study on this specific question. Thanks!

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