If you’re a pasta lover, you know how just a few sprigs of parsley, a handful of basil, or a spoonful of fresh oregano can make a dish sing. Here’s how Kate Bowler (@domestikateblog) uses her bounty of AeroGarden-grown herbs:

My new @OfficialAeroGarden is sprouting all the fresh herbs! I’ve been snipping fresh basil and parsley to use in my recipes – fresh herbs make all the difference for simple recipes like this pasta dish. I browned some sausage, sauteed mushrooms and broccoli, and tossed it with linguine and butter and lots of chopped basil and parsley from the AeroGarden.

More inspiration

A fresh pasta dish doesn’t need a lot of ingredients when you have fresh herbs! Try experimenting with herbs in your next Italian feast, and see how parsley can brighten up a creamy alfredo; how basil pairs perfectly with roasted tomatoes; and how sage can impart robust flavor to a simple chicken dish.  

Recipes to try: 

Photo courtesy Kate Bowler, @domestikateblog