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  1. Lettuce likes it cool

    Lettuce likes it cool
    Lettuce is a spring crop, and produces more and tastes better when grown in cooler temperatures.  During the summer, keeping lettuce in a cooler spot in your home will produce better results.  And lettuce loves cold feet!  Some AeroGardeners put a few ice cubes in the reservoir once or twice a day to cool the water down a few degrees...
  2. "Rinse & Refill" for Even Better Growth!

    "Rinse & Refill" for Even Better Growth!
    Most hydroponic applications recommend complete changes of nutrient solution every week!  At AeroGrow, we spent years testing and designed our gardens to grow wonderfully even if you NEVER do a full nutrient change.  That's a pretty big deal! But that doesn't mean it can't grow even better. Through testing in our labs, we've seen significantly better growth with what we...

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