New Tabby Cat Seed Kit!

Nikki Nowinski Cat in the AeroGarden

The AeroGram Facebook Fan Photo of the Week Seed Kit winner is Nikki Nowinski. Nikki has been beta-testing our new "Tabby Cat Seed Kit" with great success, as you can see here. For having her photo selected as the AeroGram Photo of the Week on AeroGarden's Facebook page, Nikki has won the Seed Kit of her choice.
You too can enter! Just post your AeroGarden-related photo on our Facebook page (it's easy) and you'll be eligible to win.
And by the way - we were joking about the Tabby Cat Seed Kit.

2 thoughts on “New Tabby Cat Seed Kit!”

  • Wow, this is exactly what my cats do! With the sun lamp, the garden is their perfect "tanning bed". We had to build chicken wire and wood framed cages to go around my gardens to protect the plants. Now the cats just lean against the sides to soak up the warmth. What a great photo! But turn the lamp on please. :-)

  • Merlene Brotherton April 19, 2013 at 3:51 am

    So cute. Love it!

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