New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses

Check out some of the time lapse videos of plants growing in the New 2018 Harvest Line.


AeroGarden - Harvest 360 White Heirloom Salad Greens Timelapse

Harvest Elite Slim Stainless Steel 2018 Lettuce Timelapse


Harvest Black 2018 Lettuce Timelapse


2 thoughts on “New Harvest AeroGarden Timelapses”

  • I just bought your Harvest 360.. how can I determine if the timer is working? Seems the lights are always on.

    Thank you so much...Arlene

    • Hello Arlene! The lights on a Harvest garden are set to stay on for 15 hours. So it can sometimes seem like they are always on. If you're not happy with the current schedule, simply hold the lights button down until it flashes at the time you would like the lights to go one every day. So, if you'd like the lights to stay on from 6am to 9pm, then at 6am tomorrow, hold the light button down until it flashes. Then the lights will come on for 15 hours every day starting at that time. Hope this helps!

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